Lynne Phillips BSc (Hons)Ost

Lynne trained at the British School of Osteopathy (now The University College of Osteopathy) where she is now a clinic tutor, and has been in practice for over 10 years. She took over the well established St John’s Practice in Isleworth on the retirement of the principal (Mr B Halliday) and has since moved premises to the Richmond Park Clinic in East Sheen. more

How Does Osteopathy Help?

The central idea in osteopathy is that the body will function properly and self-adjust to maintain good health as long as all the moving parts of the structure are free to move mechanically as they should. As we go through life, we pick up knocks and strains and bad postural habits which prevent us from functioning well mechanically and our bodies are eventually unable to compensate for this more
Lynne Phillips I'm Registered Mark 4656

What To Expect

When you come for your first appointment, a double length session is booked so that the osteopath can gather all the information necessary to understand your problem and ensure that it is safe to treat you. Typically this will take about 1 hour. First a detailed case history is taken. This starts with the story of your current problem: your symptoms, when and how it happened and progression since more.