How can Osteopathy help you?

The central idea in osteopathy is that the body will function properly and self-adjust to maintain good health as long as all the moving parts of the structure are free to move mechanically as they should.

As we go through life, we pick up knocks and strains and bad postural habits which prevent us from functioning well mechanically and our bodies are eventually unable to compensate for this and we suffer health problems. Osteopaths are highly trained to identify and correct or ease areas of strain and dysfunction with their hands so that the body can get on with its job of keeping us moving and healthy.

You could say that it’s rather like the way a good mechanic takes care of your car – checking to find worn or misaligned parts and oiling and adjusting them to restore smooth and economical function.

  • Improve mobility and posture
  • Reduce pain
  • Help the body to compensate for previous injuries
  • Promote healthy function of the whole body
  • Reduce the risk of future injury and illness
  • Give a greater sense of autonomy and control of your wellbeing.

Who do Osteopaths treat?

Everyone from babies and children, pregnant and post-partum mothers, sports people and working people from all walks of life, to the elderly whatever their age and state of health. Please feel free to ring with your queries.

What do Osteopaths treat?

Not conditions but people! Osteopaths look at the whole person when treating. We believe that the body functions as an integrated unit in which the elements that we tend to refer to as separate ‘systems’ such as the nerves, blood supply, bones, joints and muscles, the hormones, immune system, emotions etc are so profoundly interconnected that dysfunction of one element can have unexpectedly distant effects and conversely, easing of a strain or restriction may be of benefit away from the local area through restoring a healthy structure/function reciprocal relationship.

Each patient is also a unique individual with their own particular history of events which have impacted on their health and factors in their family, work life and broader environment that support or undermine their wellbeing. A successful osteopathic treatment cannot be like following a simple recipe to ‘cure’ a condition. It must consider the role of all the interrelated anatomy, physiology, psychology of the person and their history and current environment.

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